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Haberdasher w/ special guest Robin & the Crow


Haberdasher emits a range of sounds related to a funk-bluesy rock with hints of hip hop wrapped in a storytelling style that compels the investment of feeling and intellect from an audience. It is the culmination of a 13 year study of music, songwriting, improvisation, and performance utilizing a light hearted delivery to consider and explore the deeper questions of love, life, betrayal, trust,friendship, the future, the past, the present, and things.

Derek Bernard's rhythmic delivery and powerful lead vocals bring you into their confidence by ways of an easy going grace and a heartfelt truth that says “Maybe take it easy; let’s not let things get out of control…too much..." His relatable stage presence combined with clever, in-depth lyrics and a delivery that could be called fun and heartbreakingly wry on a good day, and a little pissed on a bad day makes the dialogue of Haberdasher one to engage with.


Robin & the Crow:

The old euphemism 'birds of a feather flock together' was given further merit when the multi-talented, California grown song-writer Robin Applewood crossed migrational paths with soulful southern troubadour Kenny Crowley. Kindred spirits indeed, Robin donned the hat of producer and lead guitarist for Crowley's debut album 'High on the World', the project during which the two truly discovered their inherent musical connection together. Tapping into Applewood's wealth of musical material, the pair decided to join forces and become what is now 'Robin and the Crow'.

The sky is no longer the limit when these 2 songsmiths take flight to create a power duo of uplifting, down home, soulful, foot-stompin' grooves. Colorfully painted with vocal harmonies, harmonica, and the twang of a resonator guitar, the music has a warmth and a fullness to it that seems to radiate, as if from the tree tops...



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